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Marina Nicoletopoulos

Brand Consultant & Communications Strategist



Marina Nicoletopoulos Steinhauer is a Communications and Media consultant. Marina design maps projects or produces events for brands and artists, strategizes 360 communications, offers international brand consultancy, image management.

Having worked in London, Athens, Geneva, Paris and New York for over 16 years in marketing and communications, she has gained extensive experience in business and brand development. Marina materializes concepts across a variety of media, provides strategic communication plans, organizes activation events, facilitates partnerships and drives VIP relations.

The emphasis of her work is on building new brands, increasing sales, opening new markets, curating unique brand experiences, and producing visual content. Always with disruptive beliefs, she synthesizes abstract inputs and creates plans for brand communications, detailed oriented, driving key business decisions.

She has successfully operated in a handful of industries in the Luxury Sector, such as Fashion, Lifestyle, Art (Photography, and Asia Contemporary Art), Real estate, Conferences and Technology. Creating customized plans via independent project management, she forms teams of commissioned experts to deliver particular projects. 

’ Positioning a brands culture to challenge the notion of our times physically and virtually ’

Career Background

Communications and Media, Brand Strategy 360
Marina has collaborated with brands & artists  internationally, including Art For TomorrowEXIT magazine, HOUSE magazine by Soho House Group, VICTOR magazine by Hasselblad, ASIA NOW, Photo London, Magnum Photos, WEBBER REPRESENTS, The Jaunties Alison Jackson, Marabou Aegean, MUSE CONSTANT, All Things Energy Forum, Fashion Revolution, Market Starter, Luxury private members clubs and multi-usage spaces, Panas Group, Olympia Forum, Christophoros Doulgeris, 
Prix Pictet, Art Steps, Choose Life, A Day in Your Life, Katerina Koskina.  

Her previous employment and training was in marketing and advertising with Butler Tanner & Dennis publishing, Arcadia Group, By Any Means Necessary agency, Soho House Group, DVF. 

In the sector of technology, Artsteps commissioned Marina to re-brand and provide a global sales and marketing strategy to increase business value, which yielded new methods of commercialization, re-launching, development strategy, product marketing, global channels to reach, investment, stakeholders and  vendors strategy preparation. 

‘Empowering Luxury Brands to cast their voice, image & partnerships, gaining visibility’

Academic background

Marina has studied Fashion Culture and Communications, BA Hons, University of the Arts, London, while working concurrently. As part of the course, she created the book ALIGN, with text, photography and art direction, all her own production. It was a study on how different art forms relate to fashion and design, focusing on the examination of the everyday life and space utilization. Additionally, she has produced several short movies and campaigns as part of her degree. 

Following her BA Hons degree, her MRes study is titled:  “Have luxury brands’ use of everyday life images helped them move from escapism to art for promotion? Visual communication strategy; a breakdown, interpreting a promotional culture towards effective campaigns in distinctive media spaces”. 

Strategic roles


Media and Publications

Collaborating with EXIT / VICTOR by Hasselblad/ HOUSE by Soho House Group magazines, her key roles were exclusive brand representation in all major press events and fashion week, at Le Book in Paris, luxury brands advertising sales -such as Rolex among many others , business development, marketing and partnerships, cooperating with photography or media agencies. Marina partnered with key press distributor Papasotiriou Bookstores, selling EXIT magazine in Greece in major press stand points.


Creator of Non-Spaces

Marina has founded and launched NON SPACES, the first marketplace in Greece to introduce new ways to utilize museums, galleries, apartments, historic places for brands and individuals to rent. Acting as an exclusive location manager and production consultant, Marina creates short-term space transformations that enable clients to rent and event equip the spaces using the marketplace as a one-stop shop. Equipment includes audiovisual, catering, facility management, insurance and customized accommodations. Non-spaces has successfully supported major clients such as PRAKTIKER, Vogue Greece, ATH KIDS for Nike, Apivita, Savvy Partners, Purple Magazine, Cosmote. 

Marina analyzes market trends to reach maximum space branding and business results. As times require more adaptability, short term transformations, design flexibility and unique sustainable concepts to maximise business outcomes, collaborations between brands and spaces has become essential. Marina’s team delivers space business planning, combining branding, operations and promotion, which is nowadays key to business success. On the other end, brands require consulting to maximize the potential behind how they use spaces, so as to achieve immediate business goals. NON SPACES displays several spaces in 3D along with object placement in the form of visual exhibitions.


Art fairs & VIP: Completed and In-Progress Projects 

Marina has extensive experience working as a Brand Strategist of VIP programs to ASIA NOW and Photo London art fair. She has hosted over one hundred contemporary art collectors, influencers, leaders, all summoned from her private network, reaching more than 10 countries. She creates tailor-made plans entering new markets via cultivation events, media partnerships, museum partnerships, and provides a global development strategy. 


Concerning VIP and off diary as part of her work at Photo London for several editions, she liaised with collectors’ relations in events at Sotheby’s, Christies, and the V&A among others. She has welcomed guests in events that the fair organized, such as a private talk with Nick Knight, a private studio tour with Mary MacCartney, an event with Juno Calypso, a talk on Corporate Collection between Loa Haagen Pictet and Anne Marie Beckmann. 


In her work as VIP and Partners Global Strategist for ASIA NOW, Marina assisted with the launch of the fair in Venice and worked with several editions welcoming collectors at Musée Guimet among others. Working closely with the team Marina has been responsible for designing and implementing the Art Fairs VIP growth strategy and Partnerships internationally.


Marina works as a consultant for Art For Tomorrow moderated by Senior New York Times journalists. Successfully hosting culture and other stakeholders at the events, activating partnerships. She leads the strategy and development process for global VIP and CIP engagement.   


Targeted VIP and CIP groups appeal to strategic desired reach for conferences, events, exhibitions, art fairs, luxury sector. Countries Marina is established in are: US, Asia: Russia Singapore, HK, Dubai, Turkey, India , South America , UK, Germany, Ukraine, Monaco, Germany, Egypt, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Greece. Examples of the audience Marina reaches Creatives, Very involved art buyers (modern, contemporary, new media, photography), visual arts, young patrons, architects or designers, art buyers for Real Estate, Foundation and institutions representatives, art advisors, auction houses representatives, established photographers or artists and gallerists, global Art Fairs, leading publishing houses and media representatives, art representatives, film makers, influencers, media reps, large advertising firms, designers.



Artists and Independent Cultural Projects

Marina has strategically worked with artists or cultural projects, such as Alison Jackson, as a representative with a mission to plan unique off-site exhibitions or produce corporate commissions, create publications, organize collectors’ events, with a view to product development. Tasks involved in the successful delivery of the representation include media partnerships, engagement of new audiences and existing shareholders, creative direction, documentary productions, product support and USP. Marina creates the international brand strategy for a day in Your Life, the photography competition founded by Alison Jackson impacting the life of hundreds of children in the UK. She has successfully launched the competition in Greece, working with the Home Project, which caters for unaccompanied refugee minors.  



360 strategic communication and marketing roles

Marina has been operating in teams or alone, collaborating with brands, conferences or events. So far she has successfully delivered a number of projects in the following areas.

Business: 360 marketing and communications strategy planning, market research, focus groups, affiliations, competitor analysis, customer segmentation, sales channels, USP. 

Creative: Visual pitch creation, brand campaigns, content partners. 

Promotion:  Product launch and live coverage, website content and supervising all digital marketing, speakers engagement, media packs, Ambassadors programs, conference speakers engagement, international media partnerships, marketing content, podcasts, VIP relations, Honorary Support partners, University partnerships. 


On a project to project basis, main practices for the optimal business outcome include communications development, audience reach, targeted business expansion, securing brand awareness, implementing cultivation events annually, event monitoring, engaging with key stakeholders, liaising between your brand values and key activity and goals. The main challenge is to assist brands develop a narrative using cross discipline Platforms, develop products or sub-brands, meet their next opportunities. 

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